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Updated October 5, 2020

Parisian Dancers
Parisian Dancers

Russian Horse Artillery
Russian Horse Artillery

Royal Logistics Corps
Royal Logistics Corps "Home Service" Helmet


In choosing artifacts for display in the museum, I’m always looking for “the story.”  Who owned it?  What was the significance?  In what little-known battle, affair, or event did it play a part?

Often the search for the story inspires me to read, research, or write to historians and museum curators for more information.  And sometimes, the search results in one of my “footnotes to history” – short, illustrated articles that have appeared in a variety of toy soldier publications.

Here you will find many of those articles.  New articles will be posted as they are completed.  I hope you will find them of interest – and perhaps inspire your own search for a story!
American Civil War

•Gettysburg Gospel -- NEW
•Location, Location, Location -- NEW
•The Ohio Factor -- NEW
•Garrard's Tigers
•Cashtown, PA: Prelude to Gettysburg
•General John Gibbon
•Barksdale's Charge -- Undaunted Courage
•Telegraphy in the American Civil War
•Engines of War
•The Texas Brigade
•Little Round Top
•Lincoln and His Generals
•Sailors Creek
•Federal Cavalry
•Hitting Your Target
•Petersburg -- 1864-1865
•Faithful Unto Death -- the bravery of Alonzo Cushing at Gettysburg
•Gettysburg: Crisis in Command
•Gettysburg: Appointment with Destiny
•Gettysburg, July 3, 1863
•Chancellorsville, 1863 -- Lee's Master Stroke
•Fredericksburg -- 1862
•Collis's Zouaves -- The Red Legs
•General Mosby, The Gray Ghost
•Antietam The Civil War's Bloodiest Day
•"A Mark of Distinction" -- Union Signal Flags
•Bloodbath at Shiloh
•Horse Soldiers -- Buford at Gettysburg
•Shenandoah Valley Campaign 1862
•Custer: The Man Who Saved the Union
•Iron Brigade -- the "Black Hats"
•"Man of the Hour" General John F. Reynolds at Gettysburg
•The Civil War Ambulance Wagon, page 1
•The Civil War Ambulance page 2
•The Civil War Ambulance page 3
•Rolling Thunder -- Artillery at Gettysburg
•Baptism at Manassas

About the Museum

•First Aid for Your Figures -- NEW
•30th Open House -- Report by Stuart Hessney
•"Cresco Convergence" -- Toy Soldier & Model Figure review of our fall 2013 Open House

Seven Years War

•Battle of Leuthen

American Revolutionary War

•Yorktown -- The World Turned Upside Down NEW
•Clash of Empires
•Battle of Newtown
•Wyoming Valley Massacre
•Saratoga: The Crucible 1777
•The Battle of the Brandywine Diorama
•Lexington & Concord: Launching a Revolution
•Battle of Boston

The Anglo-Boer War

•Boer War Foes
•Boer War Personalities
•History of the Boer War

British Pageantry

•The Army and Navy Club, London -- NEW
•Three Regiments -- Three Traditions -- NEW
•The Queen's Waterboatmen
•A Royal Connection
•The Guards
•Why Red?
•George V - The Compassionate King
•Scarlet to Khaki
•Household Cavalry
•Scottish Dirks & Skean Dhus

British Colonial Wars

•Aye, the Gordons! -- NEW
•Lawrence of Arabia

Historical Personalities

•One of a Kind -- Teddy Roosevelt -- NEW
•Little Wars -- H.G. Wells and Toy Soldiers
•Toy Soldiers in the White House

World War I

•The War to End All Wars -- the 100th anniversary of Armistice
•The War to End All Wars -- the Battle of Loos
•The Last Battle of World War I

World War II

•Newton's Artillery

Civilians and Unique Military Tales

•Putting on the Dog in Miniature -- NEW
•The Vikings Are Coming! -- NEW
•Dodge City -- the Wild West's Queen of Cow Towns
•Mignot -- A Different Perspective
•The Military Porcelain Art of Michael Sutty
•The Red Cross -- Angels of Mercy
•A Bit of Whimsy
•Origins of the 21-Gun Salute
•Riverside Drive
•"An Unwelcome Intrusion" -- a diorama of the Suffragettes
•Dinosaur Day for Kids
•Mighty War Elephants
•American Woodland & Plains Indians
•A Country Carnival
•Bicycles in War and Peace
•Sharing the Hobby
•Playing Cards and Toy Figures -- Display Ideas
•A Visit to Miniature World in Victoria, B.C.
•The Buggy Factory
•Creative Displays with a Musical Note
•One-Man Bands
•Croquet Anyone?
•A Room Fit for a Banquet Diorama
•Zoological Paradise
•Here Comes the Circus!
•Salvation Army
•Observation Balloons
•British Regimental Mascots
•The Gurkhas & the Queen's Truncheon
•The Sam Browne Belt
•The Victoria Cross
•Churchill -- Portrait in Miniature
•History Abounds in Boalsburg
•Braddock's Defeat on the Monongahela
•Napoleon by Mignot
•Sherlock Holmes
•Florence Nightingale -- the Lady of the Lamp
•Chelsea Pensioners

French and Indian War

•The Battle on Snowshoes -- NEW
•Terror on the Monongahela
•Flames Along the Delaware
•Bushy Run
•Ticonderoga 1758
•The Battle of the Monongahela
•Louisbourg - 1758
•Strike Up the Bands
•The Battle on Snowshoes