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Updated October 5, 2020

Salvation Army Band 1900
Salvation Army Band 1900

Royal Logistics Corps
Royal Logistics Corps "Home Service" Helmet

Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery
Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery

Suggested Reading
Brassey’s Companion to the British Army by Antony Makepeace-Warne (1995) A one-volume reference book concerning the British Army from 1660 to the present day.  Entries are in alphabetical order for ease of reference.  The book offers definitions covering every aspect of the campaigns, battles, dress, weapons, equipment, as well as histories of the regiments.
The Colonial Wars Source Book by Philip J. Hargthornthwaite (1995)  As with Brassey’s Companion, this is a very useful, one-volume reference to battles, weapons, and tactics.  The focus is the 19th century.  Included is an extensive glossary.
Empire by Dennis Judd (1996)  Analyzes the British imperial experience from the American Revolution to the present day.  Impressively researched and entertaining.  Judd writes with a freshness and willingness to challenge historical convention.
The Essential Guide to Collectables – A Source Book of Public Collections in Europe and the U.S.A. (2001)  Compiled by Alistair McAlpine and Cathy Giangrande, this comprehensive directory is organized by category and covers more than 130 collecting topics, such as antiquities, manuscripts, decorative arts, military collections, sporting memorabilia, and textiles.   Drawn from more than 1,200 museums, the directory allows collectors to add to their vacation tours unique experiences and surprises.  The Toy Soldier Museum is proud to be included.
Gettysburg by Stephen W. Sears (2003)  Referred to as a milestone, this is the best one-volume history of the battle.  The book brings to life every major aspect of this complex battle.  It is the perfect book to read before a pilgrimmage to the battlefield.
Lee and His Men at Gettysburg by Clifford Dowdey (1958)  Details the battle from the Confederate point of view.  Dowdey's sweeping and lively narrative offers an examination of the reasons for the defeat of the Army of Northern Virginia.