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Updated October 5, 2020

Royal Logistics Corps
Royal Logistics Corps "Home Service" Helmet

Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery
Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery

Featured Set 1
WWI American Infantry


British Regimental Drums on Parade

Look at a toy soldier band and the most prominent thing you see are the drums and drummers.
Perhaps because of its size, elaborate painting, or distinctive sound, the drum always attracts attention.  The entire band marches to the beat of the drummer.
Possibly the oldest of all military musical instruments – dating back to the Crusades – the drum’s original purpose was to keep the troops not just in step, but also on the move.  In England, drums and fifes were introduced during the reign of Henry VIII.  Drums were later incorporated into military bands and became in that regard “musical” instruments.
The Toy Soldier Museum has more than 40 drums on display, all made in England, all authentic.  The drums reflect the colours of the various regiments and their battle honours.
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