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Updated February 6, 2018

Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery
Sherlock Holmes -- Boscombe Valley Mystery

Featured Set 1
WWI American Infantry

Parisian Dancers
Parisian Dancers

It's All About The Display

You’ve bought the figures, taken them home – now, what do you do with them? 

Put them on a dimly-lit, dusty bookshelf?

Set them up on a table where the cat and others can enjoy them?

Crowd them into an already crowded curio case?

Or, saddest of all, leave them in their box, never to be enjoyed?

A proper display case is like a frame for a picture.  It enhances the subject and at the same time protects it.  Up to now, you had three options:  have one custom built, buy a cabinet from an antique store, or obtain a case from a store fixture distributor.  The first two options are expensive and don’t lend themselves to add-on units as the collection grows.  The third is generally unappealing, as a metal-framed case is not suitable for the home or office.

We are delighted to offer a fourth alternative – handsome, solid wood display cases perfect for the display of your collection, with . . .
  • built-in lighting
  • sliding glass doors
  • adjustable glass shelves
  • recessed locks
  • flexible sizes
  • great color selection
Cases come in two sizes.  One is 36 inches wide, 14 inches deep and either 40 or 70 inches high.  The other is 48 inches wide, 18 inches deep and 70 inches high.  In addition, a three-and-one-half-inch deep wall-mounted case is available for spotlighting special individual figures.

You have a choice of six finishes – honey maple, Danish walnut, cordovan, autumn oak, carmel oak, or cherry oak.  And, you can choose from a variety of materials for the cabinet back (the front and sides are glass), offering dramatic display possibilities.  The mirrored back doubles the visual depth of your display.  The fabric back enables you to use Velcro to put up backdrops, photos, campaign ribbons, etc.  The clear glass back allows you to use the case as a stunning room divider.

Your figures will sparkle under proper lighting.  Unlike incandescent and halogen bulbs which can “roast” the paint on your figures, the optional (but highly recommended) cornice contains two fluorescent bulbs.  Note that the cornice adds six inches to the height of the case.  In addition, the bulbs are available in “daylight color spectrum” – replicating the colors of the sun and enhancing reds and blues.  The difference between the two is striking.  Your display will seem to come alive!

Lead time is generally two to four weeks, delivered to your door.  Setup is limited to adjusting the shelves to your displays – and turning on the lights!

For more information, please contact us for a full color brochure.